French horn Prague

The 5th year of the * Lesní roh Praha * festival is dramaturgically based on two directions set in previous years. In the part bringing music from the International Horn Courses * Hornclass * (11th year) mainly to the Prague audience, this year – in addition to the traditional concert of the participants with the final joint performance in the picturesque Štiřín chateau and the concert of young laureates in Klementinum – at the opening concert in the Martinů Hall he will present the Horn Club of the Czech Philharmonic with its renewed program from this concert season of the Czech Philharmonic. The pedagogical team of this year’s courses, consisting of Zdeněk Tylšar – Czech Republic, Bohdan Sebestik – Portugal, Jindřich Petráš – Czech Republic, Zdeněk Divoký – Czech Republic and Jiří Havlík – Czech Republic, will take part in compiling a concert program held at the Kaiserstein Palace.

The orchestral part of the festival at two concerts: in the church of St. St. Nicholas and during the final concert – traditionally in the inspiring environment of the Ledeburg Garden (in case of rain we say goodbye to where this year’s festival began – in the Martin Hall of the Liechtenstein Palace) preserves the idea of ​​mapping and performing interesting and “half-forgotten” music of past centuries. It does not focus only on the Czechs, but seeks to “look at the Europe of the past through the eyes of the present Europe” in terms of its “musical integrity”. He finds countless connections here, as they were spontaneously created by artists of the past with their movement across the continent. In addition to the Wallersteinský archive, from which the festival has been drawing for the third year in a row, and especially from the compositions of its Czech authors, we would like to look at other large European “sources” this year. Thematically, of course, these orchestral concerts are based on the basic idea of ​​the festival and use the French horn as a significantly dominant instrument.